لكس فافنتم

About us

From about fifteen years of time, the name Lux Viventum was built, where we were privileged with the resources, knowledge and cadres to do our work with the highest quality and we have a proven track record in dealing smoothly with all departments and bodies and throughout those years we have an experience that has grown day after day And praise be to God, it is also supported by the quality and proficiency of the work under the support of the national economy, and we realize that We have to make great efforts to be in a position to live up to that responsibility We strive to achieve our goals which are integrity, honesty, responsibility and full respect And the true rules and ethics of the profession where we want to be trusted by all our customers. We understand that the coming period is full of economic, political, and social challenges and us We are fully confident that we have the necessary tools and cadres to overcome this challenge, through Our enormous human resources. May God help us all in achieving what we aim to achieve what is good for the service of our dear country, Egypt. We ask God to grant success in all matters. A company continues to distinguish itself in the quality system in the technical management in its projects and to attract technical and administrative competencies and to raise the level of its employees and other supports and motives that keep pace with regional development, real estate, She works with her and wishes all the workers success in his work To smooth out the future And under safe and sound environmental and health conditions

Our service


Believing that we cannot succeed on our own, and we needed to establish new companies and alliances and cooperate with multiple parties, we have established a supply department and the administration is divided into purchases and sales.

اImport and Export

In this era, the field of import and export has become one of the most important developed economic fields, as in light of the economic challenges and technological development, it is not possible for any country to import the products it needs and also for the export of products that exceed its need in order for economic integration to occur. The importance of each of them lies in increasing employment and trade opportunities, improving the level of markets, creating new markets and improving the economy